Classic joke: 3 turtles

3 turtle came to a restaurant, to a third of the cake. Things just the table, they found no money.

Large tortoise said: My greatest, of course, do not have money to go back.

In the turtle said: to send the most suitable to small turtles.

Little turtle said: I can go back to money, but after I left, you who are not allowed to move my cake! Large tortoise and the tortoise agreed, little turtle left.

Empty because the abdomen, large and medium-sized turtle that will soon be their finished cake. However, the small tortoise disappeared long. The third day, large and medium-sized turtle is very hungry, both to say: Let's share of small turtles stop eating.

While they do eat, the next door heard the voice of a small turtle: "If you speak to my cake, I do not go back the money!"


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