Classic joke: The old man bought a donkey

One day, old man, Wang bought from the market on a donkey. Led by a donkey in the way home,

There are two thieves to quietly keep up with a donkey led to untie the rope, set a thief in another

Neck, and then led by a donkey.

Back home, the old man looked back and Wang, donkeys disappeared, but the back is a set of young


"I do the donkey." King old man asked, surprised.

"Is such a thing." Replied the thief. I do not filial parents put me into a fairy

A donkey, when you buy this kind of well-wishers me. Fairy brings me to become a person.

"Let's go!" Solution side of the rope old man, Wang said, "the father of the future can no longer filial

Mother, or else will be turned into a donkey's. "

The next day, Wang went to collect on old man, he accidentally discovered yesterday that the release

Donkey, a person is selling.

Wang old man went over his mouth in front of the long donkey ears saying: "Young man, this time can be

No one to save you! "


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