Joke about heaven

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Joke about heaven:

Three women were killed in a car accident and went to heaven, when they got there, St. Peter's angel said: "In heaven, we have only one rule here is do not step on the ducks.
Confirmed that the three women to understand, they have entered paradise.

But paradise ducks are everywhere, it is impossible not tread. Although every effort to avoid them, but the first step on the accident of a woman. At this time, St. Peter's at once an angel with a very ugly man came in front of her and told her: "You step on a duck's punishment, is forever linked with this ugly man."

Joke about heaven:

The next day, another woman is not careful to step on the ducks, when St. Peter's also very disgusted with the other men came to her before. As the woman prior to the end, St. Peter's to bring a second woman brought with him a man tied ugly.

The third has been found that the results of this cruel, but she did not wish to permanently nausea with an ugly man tied together, so she is very, very careful of her footsteps. She did not fear to step on any ducks in the circumstances, have been safe for several months.

But one day, came to St. Peter's in front of her and with a super-handsome men. St. Peter chains them together, the woman not to say anything left. The woman asked her chain together with the men: "I can not help wondering why I can tell you chain together forever?" The man said: "I do not know what your situation is you, but I stepped on a duck. "


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