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Joke about spain:Spain joke

A lonely lady silly travel to Spain. One day, she came to the restaurant in a small town, but do not know what good food, they look around and found next to the guests in the bar to eat a huge complex and asked the waiter what it was, the waiter told her that Bull race is killing the bull's genitals, is the most expensive dishes.

To the spirit of a lady, a taste elements, the waiter said that this town can only fight a cattle a week, so this dish is only so a week, was in advance. Lady immediately laid down a week Bullwhip - anyway I have a lot of money.

The twinkling of an eye to next week, lady excitedly to the meal, but the waiter take on a very small Bang Bang, Lady furious "over how the last time I saw so many small Flanagan?" The waiter replied grief : "Lady, this week, cattle have won ... ..."


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