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The joke are too funny, and dedicated to you, be careful, oh crazy laugh!

The joke: Spiders and butterflies love

spider fell in love with falling in love with Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly have rejected it.

Spider Question: "Why? This is why!"
Butterfly said: "my mother said, the day the Internet is not a good mix."

The joke: son wolf

wolf mother and father to their son's future is very worrying, because the wolf son always likes to eat vegetables, do not like meat. One day they saw a wolf chasing his son in a small rabbit, they are pleased, but also to catch up with to see what happens. Son of the wolf for a long time to recover, and finally to seize a small rabbit. Just listen to his vicious on the small rabbit said: "these fixtures quickly and have to pay out of carrots!"

The joke: how the birth of mosquitoes
The devil: God, I can reborn it? God: Yes. Devil: I do not want to be the devil, I imagine the body as white angel, we should also have a pair of wings, but I still want blood.

God :.......。
So the world has mosquitoes.

The joke: boyfriend

two mice talking about their mother's boyfriend
"My boyfriend is an engineer. Oh - and more wonderful!!!"

"What!!! My boyfriend is ... ..."
"Oh, do not disgrace the! Who do not know if your boyfriend is the only bat ~~~~~"
"Humph! Fool, read the" Pearl Harbor "did not? My boyfriend is a pilot!!!

The joke: the mother of the dialogue
One day, her mother with a group of earthworm earthworm crawling child you climb it. At this time the smallest earthworm earthworms mother asked the child:
"Mom, Mom, Dad to Where?"

Earthworm mother, said:
"Your father went fishing along with the fisherman."

The joke: hen
A hen is an egg hatching comfortable Suddenly, an egg from the bottom of it simply drilling out of the hen: how about? How do you run out?

Small eggs: Do you ... ... you ... ... you fart!
Hen :@#$*& ... ...

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