Taste better than the memory

Marian and Webb are a pair of elderly couples love.

Early one morning, Mary Ann Weber said: "My dear, I am a bit hungry, I would like to eat things in bed."

"What do you want?" Her husband asked, smiling.

"I want to eat chocolate ice cream." His wife said.

"Well, I'll go." Her husband readily agreed.

"Wait a minute, Weber," the request of his wife that "you had better put in some butter, chocolate, you certainly remember it? If you write it on paper."

"Rest assured, I remember!" Her husband said with certainty.

Webber has just got up and went downstairs and heard a big voice Marian: "I would also like two red sweet cherry."

About a quarter of an hour had seen its best days, Webber returned to the bedroom, handed a sandwich Marian, her bite, and then frowned and said: "Mark, you forgot to put mustard!"


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