Jokes about boys:

Jokes about boys:Boys to buy sanitary napkins.
A 9-year-old boy and a 4-year-old boy walked into a grocery store, the 9-year-old boy taken from the shelves of a pack of sanitary napkins, to the payment counter.
Attendant asked: "Did you give your mother to buy it? Children", "No", replied the boy.

"Well, you certainly want to buy for your sister!" "Is not," said the boy. Attendants had doubts: "I do not give your mother, nor sister to you, you who want to buy it in the end?"
"I give my 4-year-old brother with" the boy said, "watching television, using the east-west, while riding a bicycle, while swimming, but my brother will not these two.
Jokes about boys:
Boys want to stay a mustache;
Very clean man scratch.
Boys do not like underwear;
Men prefer not to wear underwear.
When girls go out with boys, the first very high Aung;
Men go out with a woman, his eyes looked.
Boys doing things with language;
Men do with their bodies.

Boys are most afraid to take off the woman at home;
Men home attendance is the same as playing.
Boys to their parents for money;
Men for money to the wife.
Talk dirty boys blush, then stay and to meet girls;
Let men and women kneeling on the bed to meet.

Boy full of hope for life;
Life is full of disappointed men.
Boys face expectations, etc. to the last;
Men recalled the first time, face regrets.
Boys to let the car seat the only girls;
Men sit down and let a woman sit down.

Children will hear the cries of the boy dreamed of;
Men looked around nervously.
Boys, girls fear being deceived;
Women fear men have been found.
Bolton boys look at will laugh when this article;
Man a knowing smile, and do not laugh, it is girls and women.


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