Jokes about change

Jokes about change:
A warship found in the radar 10 degrees south-east of unidentified objects are near, so the captain issued an order warning lights of the object signal "Please immediately change your position!" The answer did not expect the other party is "to change the direction you"! So the captain ordered the fire was a signal "We are the military fleet, please immediately change your position!" The answer is the other side "or ask you to change direction! This is the lighthouse!"
Jokes about change our life:
Father and son saw a very importing luxury cars. Disdain son said: "The people who ride such vehicles, lack the knowledge!" father replied: "Those who say such things, a certain lack of money!"
A: "The new neighbors moved in good hateful, running by the middle of the night last night I rang the doorbell of the family." B: "Indeed abominable! You did not immediately report to the police?" A: "no. I was crazy when they continue to blow my little horn. "


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