Jokes about depression

Jokes about depression:

May 2002, "will not even laugh laugh," the Chan, the doctors diagnosed with severe depression. Five months later, she swallowed sleeping pills more than 20 stars. "At the time I did not think of death, I just want a good sleep, some relief." Sleeping in bed for three days and three nights later, Chan finally opened his eyes. "If you wake up but how to do?" Remember son, Ms. Chen was scared. "This incident is a lesson for me."

Thus, she began to face the disease. Treatment from a joke to start later in the day to work in the way, Chan accidentally heard a radio joke. After listening to her a knowing smile. "After laughing, I think I was very happy and very relaxed." She began to deliberately look for jokes, and often listen to music. In order to search for a joke, she began looking for a variety of newspapers. The very beginning, that is, take a look at what a joke. Slowly, her attention from depression-related articles, and other health information. Still later, she began to interest in other things in society.


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