Jokes about cats

Jokes about cats 1:
Cat chasing the mouse to the edge of the hole, the rat into a hole. In a moment, a cricket from the inside out. Cats snapped: "Stop! You think that drinking tea of weight loss, I did not recognize you!"
Jokes about cats 2:
One day, a cat catches a mouse,  when the cat is preparing to eat the mouse, the mouse said: "The cat brother, Do not worry, you can see, the farmers uncle planted corn in the ground,then get a lot of corn in the autumn, please plant me in the groud also, To the autumn you will harvest a lot of rats". Cat listening to the mouse, it buried the mouse to the ground, the rat escape.
Jokes about cats 3:
A cat Walking beside the river,a Crab folder it.cat is very angry, However, crabs hid in the bushes, the cat can not find it. suddenly the cat rise and saw a spider on web, press and hold it up said: "do you think on the Net I do not know you!"


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