Jokes about doctors

Jokes about doctors 1:

every day,Oral doctors the most common saying is "open mouth!"
Once, An oral doctor to the station after work and found that car has to start slowly.
So he ran up hastily, patting the door shouting: "open mouth! open Mouth! Fast open mouth!"

Jokes about doctors 2:

A young man see the psychological doctor, "I and others can pay a friend, can you help me? You are fat pig!"

A: doctors, quick, my son swallowed a shaving blade.
B: Do not panic. I'll be right to. What do you do?
A: I use an electric shaver beard scratch.

Jokes about doctors 3:

Patients wake up after surgery, the surgeon told him, "I am afraid you have to do surgery, I lost the rubber gloves in your stomach. "
"If only this little thing, give me a quiet moment, I give you the money of gloves."

Jokes about doctors 4:

Doctors: I have a bad news and a very bad news.
Patients: first tell me the bad news.
Doctors: Your test results came out, you can only live 24 hours.
Patients: a 24-hour, too terrible, what's even worse than it? what is the Very bad news?
Doctors: From yesterday I have been looking for you.


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