Jokes about dogs

Jokes about dogs 1:

One woman took her dog to the hairdresser. When he was told to 40 U.S. dollars, she was shocked. "My hair is also as long as nine U.S. dollars!" She said contemptuously. "But you do not bite, right?" Barber answered quickly.


Jokes about dogs 2:

a men has been bitten by dogs, and rushed to the doctor. the doctor is Cleaning up the things ready to go home. "Look at the time, how come this time?" Doctors unhappy said.
"I know, doctor!" The man said, "However, dogs do not know ah!"


Jokes about dogs 3:

Accident! The driver unconscious, only pet dog is well. the traffic police Asked dog: what is your masters doing before the accident? Dog mimic the action of drinking, staggered. Traffic police: Oh! Drinking. What are you doing? Dog sitting, hands mimic the action of driving.



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