Humor joke

Humor joke:Sexy food temptation

Today brought to you a number of interesting animals humor joke, you would like to have a happy time!

Humor joke:I did not go to bed one night.
Kangaroos and frogs to prostitution, Kangaroo done a few, just listen to the frogs all night next door 123 Hey! 123 Hey! Kangaroo good envy, the next day, the kangaroo said: "wow! ~ ~ Frog Brother, you are too strong a!." Frog said: "The parade, one night I did not jump in bed! ~ ~"

Humor joke:Seen.
Can not find a group of vampire hungry eat flying everywhere in the hole, this is a bat is a mouthful of blood back, bats are the envy of the public asked: "Where are you looking for blood ah?" At this time only bat them to a tree before ask: "seen it?" bat people said: "see." bats only said: "The hell I did not see!!!"

Humor joke:Turned and jumped into a swimming pool.
Individual candidates to the zoo administrator, director told him: "Well, I would like to test you, you have no way to let the elephant shook his head first, and then nodded his head, and finally jumped into the pool it??" Said the man "It's easy!" elephant walk before he said: "Do you know me?" elephant shook his head. The man asked: "You big temper it?" Elephant nodded. The man then picked up an awl, bar the elephants ass about the pain of an elephant jumped into a swimming pool.

After seeing director, said: "You're not too sympathetic, and not when the animals administrator." The man said: "give me a chance, I will be gentle." Yuen Long, said: "good, or that three conditions, but you can not do this by. "The man agreed, and walked in front of an elephant, said:" You're also big temper it? "elephant shook his head. The man asked: "Do you understand me right now?" Elephant nodded. The man asked again: "You now know how to do it?" An elephant, turned into the swimming pools.

Humor joke:Great life.
Day, M due to see his wife have their own Old useless, it decided to bury a parent. Cat falling in her neck in a bricks and mortar, and then placed in a jar, filled with water.
Three days later, M dead buried his wife wanted. Open the jar she was shocked to see: a cat word jar of water to drink it all, right at this moment sitting on the brick face it!


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