Best jokes of the month

Best jokes of the month: Sniper cat

Best jokes of the month:Wisdom when they worry.
Mice have been driven into a blind alley cat, resulting in a hurry when the wisdom of that in the face of a cat suddenly staggered, Nian Road mouth: "Oh! Dire strait me!" Cat on a rat's move was very much surprised and asked: "how the? "Rats plea:" I certainly ate rat poison, I die hard, these fixtures quickly and I ate it! "

Best jokes of the month:Anyway, is your female dog.
A man in the park looking for his dog, the dog was later found that he is working with a dog girls having sex. Looking at the shy girl.
Provocative look man said: things like that, I would do Oh!
Shy girl only said:
That ...
Ah then you give it a try. In any case, it is your female dog.

Best jokes of the month:Ants.
A person has never been in the aircraft. When he sat down in the aircraft when the scared white faces. Heard the sound of the engine, he firmly grasped the handrail chairs, eyes closed. Five minutes, he seems to have been a century. Can not hear any sound, he slowly opened his eyes, and boldly out from the observation window.
"Wonderful," he said to the neighbor, "to fly so high! You see, these people, like ants, like the whole."
"I can only tell you," neighbor coldly said, "These are real ants. Aircraft take-off has not it!"


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