Best jokes of the year

Best jokes of the year:I surrender, ah!

Best jokes of the year:I was self-immolation.
Sparrows, crows, parrots with boast. Sparrow said: "I am the eagle drug abuse." Crow said: "I am a peacock Boiler." Parrot said: "I am a prostitute when the swallows." At this time the duck aside to speak: "What kind of you! I was practicing self-immolation of Falun Gong! "

Best jokes of the year:Monkeys.
Emily to the zoo, found her in monkeys fed a Scott, it lost every time to put the peanut Emily first plug in the bottom, out to eat anymore. Emily administrator asked out of curiosity, why would the monkey such a move manager replied: "Because it was left to it last year, a large peach, Scott can not be the big peach to a subset of excretion out, eat a lot of bitterness, so now it must have been the first volume of food to eat. "

Best jokes of the year:I killed him hell trip.
In the forest have a sister with a rat one day rabbit mice brother sister brother rabbit with an elephant in a walk to see my brother scared rabbit hole into a tree rat sister but also into the leg outside a rabbit in his brother to ask you ah rats are not afraid of her sister said, "I killed him hell trip"


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