The best joke of the month

The best joke of the month: Cat expression

The best joke of the month: Who won the first race.
The only rooster farm old, the owner decided to buy a new breeding cock. Bought a young cock, arrogant rooster with the old met.
Cock old said: "I know you despise me. Remember, who are young.

Today, we are how to make a race? If you win, and did not see? "Hen, pointing to the old rooster said," These are all of you. "Cockerel answers, ask:" how to run? "The old rooster said:" Wai 20 laps to run the house, who won the first race. "
Open only two or three laps after the race, small cock has been a leading semi-circle.

To 8 laps, small cock is just two meters on the super circle of old cock. This old cock when I uttered a scream, thought the owner of the house to the weasel, to mention out of the shotgun house, the only bought a small cock old cock hot pursuit go. Angry owner, and gun to kill a small cock. To the angry owner of the house to go, himself said: "The hell of luck, how to buy the rooster is gay? Has killed four!"

The best joke of the month: Seen a lot of jokes these days, the best joke to see the recommendation to you, hope you like


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