The best joke of the year

The best joke of the year: Camel hunger

The best joke of the year:Not so smart donkey.

Not so smart donkey. A wise man walks in the countryside, to see inside a donkey mill grinding in Rafah, a string of bells hanging above the neck. So clever of God to the mill:

"Why do you want to put in the donkey's neck a string of bells do?"
Mill owners replied: "I dozed off when the donkey often lazy, hanging bells, the bells do not ring if I know the animals in the lazy."
Thinking smart people, then asked: "If the donkey does not stop moving in place,

Just shook his head, you can hear the tone, it does not work, then how should we do? "
Treng the main mill, then said: "Sir, how can I get smart like you donkey ah!"

The best joke of the year, Recommend to you the most fun I have seen the joke!


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