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The best jokes: Never seen such a cool triad boss

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The best jokes:Three turtles
3 turtles came to a restaurant, to a third of the cake. Things just the table, they found no money.
Large tortoise said: My greatest, of course, do not have money to go back.
In the turtle said: to send the most suitable to small turtles.
Little turtle said: I can go back to money, but after I left, you who are not allowed to move my cake! Large tortoise and the tortoise promised, little turtle left.

The best jokes:
Empty because the abdomen, large and medium-sized turtle that will soon be their finished cake. However, the small tortoise disappeared long. The third day, large and medium-sized turtle is very hungry, both to say: Let's share of small turtles stop eating.
While they do eat, the next door heard the voice of a small turtle: "If you speak to my cake, I do not go back the money!"

The best jokes:Testament mosquitoes.
Morning, you wake up lying on a pillow mosquitoes die, next to a suicide note: I struggled for a night, had not been able to pierce your skin, it's so thick I can not live in this world, the main ah! Please forgive him, I was committing suicide.

The best jokes:Pig joke.
Men raised a pig, in particular, hate it, want it to throw it away, but the pigs know the way home, throw it away many times without success. One day, the person driving abandoned pig. The evening call to his wife asked: "Pigs go home yet?" His wife said: "home." Angry men, roared: "The faster it answer the phone, I've lost my way."

The best jokes:Bull.
A cattle ranch, with cattle grazing in order to maintain the number of home-range cattle in a cow in public.
But over time, this bull is also old, so ranch of the owner also bought a new bull to undertake this project. As for her husband only cattle, or to continue to take it home in Xiaoyao cattle. One day, the owner to watch out for pastures, cattle too tired to see her husband to lie on the grass. Approached the ranch owner said: you are on the convergence of old and not for so many. Her husband a look of innocent cow said: That you can not tell Is it new, I am not a cow you! !

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