can you tell the same joke?

tell the same joke: Let us see who we really

can you tell the same joke?
I can, see the following two jokes!

tell the same joke:Hungry monkeys.
Monkeys showed a man came to a bar, and bartender while he was chatting when the monkey went to a billiard ball on the table start to swallow the go.
"Hey! You how you monkeys? It had a ball!" In honor of the men shouted.
"I also can not prevent it," explained a man. "It's what to eat, see what I can not."
A few days later, the man also led to the bar monkeys. This time, the monkey grabbed from a plate peanuts, into the buttocks, the pull out and then up into his mouth to eat.
"It's doing?" Hospitality and asked in surprise.
"It's eat or what, but since the last eating billiards, eat it every time before you have the size of the suitability of measurement."

tell the same joke:Smart monkeys.
One day, a group of visitors to the zoo to play, the animal went to the monkey bar before ... ...
Travelers with a variety of food for the monkeys, one of them lost a walnut into the animal field.
Have grabbed all of the monkeys began to eat nuts, only a monkey particularly strange! ?
Only monkeys pick up the walnuts, the first into the anal walnut, started out to eat anymore!
Visitors feel that: "wow! Only how many monkeys you nausea?"
So the tourists asked the administrator: "This monkey is not a problem you thinking??"
Administrator said: "Please! This monkey is the smartest one there!!
It is to do so because the last time it occurred to eat walnut constipation, so ... ... The first was to determine a walnut, it will eat! "

now, can you tell the same joke?


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