The funniest joke in the world

The funniest joke in the world: What they are doing?

Do you want to laugh? You want to happy?
The funniest joke in the world, all jokes are my selected to ensure a classic!

The funniest joke in the world:Buy a house.
Blame the female turtle turtle hung said: "The blame you, now price is expensive, but they can not buy a home on the sixth floor to see the monkeys, has also bought the sixth floor, ah, now Well, do not say, and light to climb down the stairs on the to half a day. "

The funniest joke in the world:Two jellyfish conversation.
2 Jellyfish collided together at the seaside.
Jellyfish A: "What? Eyes ah you do not!"
Jellyfish B: "What is the eyes ah?"
Jellyfish A: "I do not know, and others hit the last time he scolded me."
Jellyfish B: "Oh! D'oh!"

The funniest joke in the world:Need to climb a tree kissing!
Married to a monkey giraffe, giraffe for a divorce after one year: I can not have a date for such a bounce!
Monkeys furious: divorce on the divorce! I do not like kissing must climb a tree!

The funniest joke in the world:Duck eggs in the hen house.
To get up early in the morning, a rooster to hen fight, people started to ask the hen: "Why beat your cock?"
Hen I do not know that! Asked the rooster, rooster said: "The hell! It up this morning under a duck!"

The funniest joke in the world:Some earthworms.
Earthworms, a very bored that day, they own a small earthworm into two went to play badminton, Feel that this method of earthworms good mother, they cut their own four to play mahjong, and
Earthworm father thought, they cut the meat themselves.
Earthworm crying mother said: "how do you so fool? Cut so the pieces will die!"
Weak weak earthworms father said: "... ... a sudden want to play football."


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