The joke about car

The best humorous picture of the car

The joke about car,the best joke about car,Please enjoy!

The joke about car:Paradise of the coming and going.

At the same time, the three drivers on the heaven, St. Peter's immediately called them. • St. Peter: "You are loyal to their wife?" The first person: "I told two other women have had an illicit relationship." Saint • Peter: "Here you can only micro-car." The second person : "I am only one." saint • Peter: "You can drive a mid-range cars." third person: "I am loyal to his wife Fujio, improper relationship not even once. his wife's death, I was determined not to marry." • St. Peter: "Do you have a well-deserved luxury cars." A week later, three men driving a red light at a crossroads before the meeting. The third found the first two in tears and asked why. Third person: "I found my wife here by bike!"


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