Joke of the day

Joke of the day:Let you take a look at what is audacious in the extreme

Joke of the day-one:
A farmers chickens tomorrow night chickens, said: eat fast, this is your last meal! See the chicken had been lying on the second day and left a suicide note: Grandpa has to eat poison, you do not want to eat Grandpa, Grandpa is not making the good!
Joke of the day-two:
One day, a crow and a sparrow, chat in the branches. Sparrow: "I have not seen you, ah, what are you ah?" Crow: "ah! I am a Phoenix ah!" Sparrow: "You do so and Phoenix?" Crow: "Hey, you do not know, I am the Boiler!" Sparrow: "Oh!" Crow: "What are you ah?" Sparrow: "I am an eagle ah!" Crow: "The Hawks have you? Do you have too small." Sparrow says: "Oh, buddy, you do not know, ah, I have four years of drug abuse."
Joke of the day-three:
A rooster and a hen has been a good relationship, one day, found the chicken hen rooster chasing bite, the chicken were very surprised to see in the hen house, originally a duck under the hen.
Two birds stop in the branches, the female tears, angry male. "It's devil," the male said, "how many times I tell you, this damned birds Ring Research Station of people put to me, not wedding ring!"
Joke of the day-four:
Male and female flies, the flies eat stool in the WC, the mother flies, asked: "Why do we always eat feces?" Public flies said: "The time to eat so do not say if nausea!"
Joke of the day-five:
At two ants, ants ants A and B take a walk on the beach, walked a little weather change, said a ant going to rain this evening, ants look that B will not. Ant to find a place to sleep, just before Valentine's to close the beach, climb over the past two ants, ants, said a sleep inside the cave, I was going to rain, ants that B will not rain this evening, I slept lawn. The next day, after it found two ants are wet, Ant B said: "The rain last night really, if sleep is like a hole." Ant i said: "Do not say, and last night to a cave a snake, which I came, I played it on the feet, it went out, came out again, so a long time into, and finally run, hell, run also spat. harm me whole wet. "
Joke of the day-six:
Saying that since the black bear captured small rabbit butt plug, the small rabbit from the hated black bear!
One day, there are only mastered magic frog very happy. Into the forest, it is to see black bear and the rabbit, the frog came forward, said: "You better ~ I am glad that mastered magic! I would like to give you three wishes Hsu!"

Bear is very greedy, he said: "I first me first! I would like to bear in this forest than I, the other females have become!"
When! .... Bear the desire a reality.

Rabbit said: "I want a helmet."
When! Rabbit .... desire a reality.
Bears for his second wish: "again, I would like to bear the vicinity of the forest were all turned into females, in addition to other than I!"
When! .... If it wished.

Rabbit calmly said: "I would also like a motorcycle .."
Frog wonder why rabbits do not make a wish ~ money instead of buying motorcycle?
No matter, the frog or rabbit Xu gave a locomotive.
Bear is very excited about the last to say: "Ha ha! My third wish is that the bears to the whole world, apart from me, the whole into a female!"

When! .... Desire to achieve!
Saw a rabbit wearing a helmet, launched its locomotive and express the aspirations of its last: "I hope that bear is the only gay (homosexual)!"


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