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Classic jokes to get everyone happy, the contribution of these classic jokes to you, bring you happy moments,Jokes of the day:

Jokes of the day:Brothers to help me!!

Jokes of the day:Crazy birds
a hunter carrying a shotgun handle, into the woods and found a tree two birds. Then fire. A birdie landed price. Pick up bird hunters at this time it found the hands of the birds not a feather up and down the body. is between wonder.鸟飞at this time from the other small and accusing Road: "to your mother and I spend a great deal of talking only to persuade her to strip the clothes are preparations has been to hit you down. "

Jokes of the day:Frog adult words
A frog to swim into the vagina of women, the frog a few days later committed suicide and left a suicide note: This hole Hurry up! Ramming stick every day, every time they drink rice soup, then more and then less and want to run out, covered with sanitary napkins, rather than live this way, it is better to die well.

Jokes of the day:Close adultery
Mrs. Smith had a sick cat to the veterinary seek treatment.
"Pregnant cat." Said veterinary surgeon.
"How could! She had never come into contact with cats and the public." Mrs. Smith said not to believe.
Then suddenly there is a cat into the house to the public.
"This public and how to say cat?" Veterinary asked.
"Do not joke a! This is her brother."

Jokes of the day:Cows do not wear bra
Kitten face cow, cow-mannered and say hello, but make fun of the cat cow said: "You are so small on a long beard!"
Very angry cat said: "Do you how big the breasts are not you wearing a bra!"

Jokes of the day:The need for ground
Bat ready to marry the second daughter, mole, is opposed to home.
Mother said: "Why do want to marry that guy in high myopia!"
Dad did not agree: "It's dry underground lines than anyone else, since we also need to aviation ground handling departments, and to take care of it on!"

Jokes of the day:Pigs scared mother
Piglets on the mother said: "Mum, Mum, I'm going to participate in long-distance cross-country race of animals."
Pig mother: "Do not order it?"
Piglet: "in your involvement, I am not going to run hard."
Pig mother: "It's not this mean that I am worried because you run a lean will be masters of the first to kill."
Piglet: "hey mother, there is not total to the worst, I was healthy exercise, and there may be selection for the 'pig' it."
Opening their eyes widely and mother pigs hear: "ah? That have, and God was well in advance that the future of your dependent children I do not!"


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