the same joke

I have read a lot of the same joke, I feel a joke is a replica of another joke, but after adaptation, the feeling is also interesting to listen to, where to you a few examples

the same joke:Frog adult words
A frog to swim into the vagina of women, the frog a few days later committed suicide and left a suicide note: This hole Hurry up! Ramming stick every day, every time they drink rice soup, then more and then less and want to run out, covered with sanitary napkins, rather than live this way, it is better to die well.

the same joke:Unlucky frog.
One day, a young woman bathing in the river, into the private part of a frog, the frog is dead and a half can not choose a piece of paper attached to the body wrote; stick was beaten every day, not as good as dead, I go.

this is the same joke!


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