Jokes about animals


I am very fond of these jokes about animals. Recommend to you to enjoy!

Jokes about animals: Wedding ring.
A pair of sparrows the tree stand, a crying, the other anxious to console: Dear, do you listen to my explanation, my feet is the Humane Society for me to wear, and really is not a wedding ring

Jokes about animals:Ant's wedding night.
Ant and centipede marriage.
The second day of the wedding, a friend asked how ants feel.
Ant lament: "The indescribably, and last night. I was not separated from one of his legs. And a separate not. Hell, I am a night of legs."

Jokes about animals:Teachings.
A mother with a few mouse mice walk in the grass and suddenly come to a cat that scared all the mice went into hiding, only the mother rats remain calm, there is no escape. Distance further down near the cat, who is very afraid of mice, in this case, the mother uttered a rat like dogs, cats do not know which fraud, ran a U-turn. Such as the cat left, a small mouse to traumatise's coming out at their mother, and so are all the small mice to, the mother rats to mice to teach in all earnestness: "the children to master a foreign language is very important ah! "

Jokes about animals:Hen fart.
A hen is an egg hatching comfortable Suddenly, an egg from the bottom of it out simply boring.
Hen: "how's going on? How do you go out?"
Small eggs: "You ... ... you ... ... you fart!"
Hen :@#$*& ... ...


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