Jokes about accounting

I ignored him

I am very fond of these jokes about accounting. Recommend to you to enjoy!

Jokes about accounting 1:
Companies to recruit accounting, John recommended his wife for the job.
Director, asked: "how can you prove that you love to do this work?
John said: "We were just a quarrel, the matter many years ago, she will remember clearly, no one missing.

Jokes about accounting 2:
A bank in the recruitment of accounting, they had just one interview question: "how many is one plus one equals?", all rushing to answer a person is not accepted, there is only one of the candidates keep silent silent the selected. That he is waiting for people to disperse after the window closed the door, ear to the manager to answer: How much should you see?

Jokes about accounting 3:
Dr. carrying a suitcase arrived at an accounting firm on accounting, said: I can not find a job, can I pay my tuition fees as tax-free investment failure?

Jokes about accounting 4:
Mary first came to a company when the accounting, the boss told her: "When the accounting of the most important is to listen carefully, you see, these accounts have at least three times to count, to show me anymore."

Mary on the table in the office a long time forget the afternoon she went to the boss's office, is very happy to say: "I have carefully considered these accounts have a five times!" After listening to the boss, very pleased, said with satisfaction: "Do not good, you're a great sense of responsibility accounting." Mary listened to and immediately picked up the accounts, said: \ "You see, five different conclusions have been here. \"


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