Jokes about airport

I am very fond of these jokes about airport. Recommend to you to enjoy!

Jokes about airport 1:
Ringing call. Flight attendants:
Hello, may I ask what you can do to help?
Visitors: you can get a glass of water?
Flight attendants: Certainly, mineral water it?
Visitors: you have juice?
Attendant: Yes, orange juice and peach juice, I would like to ask what kind of needs?
Visitors: you have Coke?
Attendant: Yes, you need ice?
Passenger: That gave me a cup of tea!

Jokes about airport 2:
Flight attendants are feeding, to a passenger before and asked: "Sir, we have chicken rice, rice and fish, may I ask what you eat?"
Visitors replied: "ribs!"
Repeat and crew, passengers still replied: "ribs!"
At this time, the crew asked: "We have chicken and fish ribs ribs, what you eat?"

Jokes about airport 3:
cc: Will the cattle and fish you like?
PA: Yes, I would like to cattle and.
cc: is cattle, and fish.
PA: Oh, I want to and fish.

Jokes about airport 4:
Passenger: "I want a cup of Coke."
Uncertainty attendant asked: "You are my Coke?"
Passenger: "No!" Crew: "So, you are?" Passenger: "I am a person, I would like to Coke!"

Jokes about airport 5:
CC: Sir you are drinking orange juice or apple juice?
A: Here is a taste of orange juice like Apple?

Crew: Today you have a hot breakfast of noodles and dim sum, I would like to ask which one you need?
Meditation visitors for a long while: rice!


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