jokes about annoying people

I am very fond of these jokes about annoying people. Recommend to you to enjoy!

jokes about annoying people 1:
Tom also came to his girlfriend Marie. He is patiently waiting at the living room. Marie Amiel angry little brother to come out. "Hate the guy, why do you always come to my sister, you do not own it?"

jokes about annoying people 2:
A call to the Japanese businessman said: "I find Mr. Hashimoto." The operator said: "I am sorry that he passed away last week." The next day, the person called again, would like to talk about Taro. A bit tired of the operator, said: "I have been told you last week, he passed away. Why should you call it?" The man said: "Because I like to hear this matter."

jokes about annoying people 3:
The two women met in the street. A said: "I have received a court summons, saying that there are important cases to testify in court tomorrow, I." B asked: "Do you think you nervous?" A said: "very nervous, I do not know what to wear good. "

jokes about annoying people 4:
A woman walked into the post office, it is necessary to power a newspaper, written after the throw. While the second, finished and then throw it away. The third write, she to the officer, and asked the issue as soon as possible. Woman left, the three cable radio operator interested. The first read: all over, do not want to see you. The second reads: Do not call, I can never expect to see. The contents of the third is: Take the train speed in recent years, I'll wait for you.


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