Jokes about artists

I am very fond of these jokes about artists. Recommend to you to enjoy!

Jokes about artists 1:
Composer: "I took a 10-year effort to write the song lullaby."
Publisher: "how could so long?"
Composer: "because it often makes me fall asleep."

Jokes about artists - Scenic painter:
"Why does your professional landscape painting?"
"Because until now, there is no tree troubles me that I have to point it is not like painting."

Jokes about artists - Clumsy painter :
"I want to paint the walls of the room and then draw some pictures on the wall." Said the painter.
"You'd better start painting on the wall and then painting the walls!" The artist said the painter friend advised.

Jokes about artists 4:
King has a favorite pianist, but he was very nasty shells, as long as he playing, and everyone is far spared. The whole court, he can not find a bosom friend. Chuan under his imperial edict, from the lira to a death row prison. The Emperor said to him: "If you say that I am good Guoqin bomb, I will free you to die."

Death thought to myself: "This is not simply what?" He promised to listen to the emperor on the piano.
However, just bomb the King shortly after death on his hands clutching his ears shouting: "Your Majesty, do not bomb, and I take one death!"

Jokes about artists 5:
the angel of Six fingers
To the Church of the artist painting the mural painting has become a little angel fingers 6.
"When you seen an angel 6 fingers?" The minister said angrily. "Never seen," the painter replied, "but you've seen the Angels five fingers?"


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