Jokes about bible

Jokes about bible:The reasons for taking a nap.

Pastor that the congregation of individuals in the beginning usually in the sermon he fell asleep.
On one occasion, the pastor at the heel of his jokes: "I can not seem to interest you, as soon as I started to say you fell asleep."
"Pastor," the man answered, "This is actually a compliment to you, I had no confidence in you, will you sleep?"

Jokes about bible:Noah's Ark.
Bible Lesson sister first day, I heard the story of Noah's Ark, a home she asked: "Grandpa, you are not also on the Noah's Ark?"
"Of course not." Replied the elderly.
"You always talk about how how good the past," she said, "always said that there are pasture cattle, donkeys, dogs, cats a variety of animals, I also think that you are on the ark."

Again denied the elderly.
"That's not how do you drown?"


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