Jokes about creativity

Jokes about creativity part 1:
Before going to bed, daughter let her father telling stories. Dad said he was tired, to talk about one. Daughter did not promise, father must talk about of three. Dad thought for a while and said: "All right. Once upon a time, there is a rabbit and a turtle race, as a rabbit running too fast, hit a tree died, the tortoise won the championship. Happens to a farmer after a tree, pick up a rabbit is pleased, therefore, he is not farming, and Shou-day under a tree, and so on to hit a rabbit. As a result, he don't take care of crops, shorter than a lot of other people's crops, then he pulling up the crops, the crops are dead. "

Jokes about creativity part 2:
Finished, he patted her daughter, said: "This is a race against the tortoise and the rabbit, and waiting rabbits story and pulling up the crops story, the three finished, and go to bed now!"


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