Jokes about cow

Jokes about cow 1:
A person with a letter to House by wealthy to borrow cattle, the rich man is to speak with the guests, it took a letter of view. He can't not read, but I am afraid that other people know that he can not read, they pretend to open the letter, the person then said: "Yes, I wait a little longer to go."

Jokes about cow 2:
There is a female trainee to pasture milking can be a barrel of other people are crowded, and she was just a bit crowded, are anxious, suddenly How Stella said: "Miss, I am a male!"

Jokes about cow 3:
A farmer's wife was dragging him to court. His wife, the judge said: "I can not live with him, and he is only concerned about his cows."
A judge to give her an idea: "You can also try to let him jealous, you can find a first bull from time to time with the dancers."


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