Jokes about couples

Jokes about couples 1:
Saying there is a very rich young couples, the family invited a bunch of housekeeper, driver, maid and so on.
The hostess always suspected her husband and young and beautiful maid affair, they are always looking for the opportunity to fire off her, and finally one day while the President is not called the maid to come, too bad she should be called burnt food She walked.

"However, the maid said: I always said Mr. dishes cooked vegetables than you."
Hostess suddenly angry, speechless, had said: "OK, you go on it!"
Due to the door when the maid, to take back the words "bed and I done it than you!"
With anger hostess immediately said, "This is also the President said it?"
"No, the maid answered, drivers, gardeners they say."

Jokes about couples 2:
First marriage, the bride put a fart, embarrassing scenes together, one person said: "The bride fart, really lucky." Within a short while, then put two fart, there are awkward scenes, the man added: "The bride of two fart, really formidable. "Within a short while, she put Sa fart, embarrassing scenes, and saw the man added:" Run, ah, to pull the bride! "

Jokes about couples 3:
There are a couple married soon. Her husband was sent to a foreign company has permanent. A year later, her husband leave to go home.
After having sex that night, the couple ran to sleep snore.
Knock on the door suddenly burst into the middle of the night. Jumps into the sleep from her husband, exclaimed: "Oh! Your husband back!"
A throat of his wife: "can not, he does in a foreign country."


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