Jokes about confidence

Jokes about confidence 1:
Barbie is very handsome, his self-confidence to become an outstanding football player. He came to a football club, found a coach. He saw a coach, he said: "There are two things hinder you become a good football player." Barbieri very strange: "What things?" The coach: "Your left foot and right foot."

Jokes about confidence 2:
One day in the bus, because of one man and one woman crowded the collision occurred.
Fashionable girl back: "You sick ah?"
Baffled man said: "Do you have medicine?"
On board were laughing!
Feel that the angry woman said: "Do you have mental illness ah?"
Cold face of man: "You can cure ah?"
Comedy whole car people!
Bus driver to stop, to lie on the steering wheel on the laugh!

Jokes about confidence 3:
Medical students: "Dad, I would like to learn the specialized cardiac surgery."
Sophisticated's father: "How many people have heart?"
Students: "There is only one."
Father: "How many teeth?"
Students: "32."
Father: "That you let the dental school."


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