Jokes about computer

Jokes about computer
User: Why do I always have the problem of network ah ?
Customer asked about the situation: "Your cat may be a problem"
User: Well, you wait. . . . Well, I have let the cat outside I close the door"
Customer:! ! ! ! !

Jokes about computer:Advanced formatting
Son said to father: "If I have done a good thing, is not it should be commended?"
"Of course, not only to praise but also rewarding, what have you done a good thing?"
"In fact, nothing, but I have high-level format on your computer, then it becomes a more senior level." His son said modestly.

Jokes about computer:Computer fans
One day, two computer fans joke.
One person said: If you dares to bully me, I pulled out of your CPU.
Another person said: Do you dare? ! ! ! If you really pulled out my CPU, I stuck you, and then add power, you have to go to busy to check code to 0,1!


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