Jokes about compromise

Jokes about compromise 1

One day, a fat man and a girl dating, girl asked: "How old are you?" The Fat Man said slowly: "Oh ,^^^^^^^ 21." Girls said: "Oh, you like 27. "thumbs up fat and sorry for the smile:" You, you are really smart. "girls are not looked at the table of nature, said:" My cat is about to lay eggs, and I must hurry go home. "fat man stand up and help the Rotary eyes said:" The cat can lay eggs? I live three-year-old, but heard this first!!! "

Jokes about compromise 2

Two hunters hunting in the mountains, one of which suddenly collapsed, and a very anxious, then took out the emergency phone call to fight: my friends were injured in the fall how to do? !
Operator: Do not worry, you must make sure that he really hurt.
Then the operator heard a gunshot from the phone, hunter: the next step, how to do? ~

Jokes about compromise 3

3 women were on an island which was 25 miles away from the mainland.They wanted to leave it.
the first one swam 5 miles but she couldn't swam farther.so she sank.
the second one swam 10 miles but sank.
the third one swam 15 miles but she couldn't see the land.
she said to herself "i am tired" then swam back to the island.


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