Jokes about babies

Jokes about babies: baby and teachers
Children: he undress, while wearing trousers.
Teacher criticism: He is off in the end ah? Or wear ah?
Jokes about babies:
A mother to her son and bought a parrot, and then take home a total of delivery. In the car, the lovely son asked his mother: "This parrot is a public or mother?"
"Mother." Her mother said.

"How do you know?" The son asked.
Silence on board, passengers will want to listen to all the mothers on how to answer this question. She only replied calmly: "You did not see the parrot lipstick lips painted it?"
Jokes about babies:
Children's stores to the customers of each child a balloon. Want a boy of two, the shopkeeper said: "We're sorry, but we can only give each child a balloon. Brother in your family have it?" With great regret, the boy said: "No, I do not have my brother, but I have a brother, sister , I would like to give him a collar. "


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